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New Jersey Approves Recreational Weed!!!!!!!

NEW JERSEY!!! this is OUR TIME!!! you heard it straight from the governor... be heard, and get out & vote today for the legalization of recreational marijuana if you haven’t already... i know i did. if you’re voting by mail, it’s the first question on the back of your ballot. every vote counts!

Seems to be working...

It do be like that.

Mmmm so beautiful


Let’s go boys NJ is doing very nicely so far👌🏻👌🏻 Lets keep it going

Mood tonight

smile it’s weed :)

Anyone else?

New air fresheners


every time😂

My Mom bought me an ounce of weed. Gosh I love her ❤️

I think you have to.

NJ our time has come

Finally. Just... Finally. Let me hear my Jersey stoners go wild.

Recreational weed is now legal in Arizona!!!

Not my photo but definitely something I would do lol

I’m not even American and I need this for tonight 🇨🇦😂

jersey finally hopped on the train. i can’t even describe how happy i am right now

Smoking on some Lava Cake tonight, so sticky my grinder is stuck! 😂

i feel like this fits here

Have you ?

Did something happen in NJ tonight?

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