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r/weed Logo Competition!

So, a nice user by the name of /u/[FlaccidButtPlug]( suggested we hold a competition for the new logo for the sub. The logo will stay indefinitely.

A few rules:

1. No vulgarity or rudeness.
2. Must be to do with weed
3. You can include Snoo but have a little imagination :)
4. Doesn't have to be drawn, can be a real life photo

Just keep in mind the actual size of the logo needs to be 256x256, and you have to be able to make out what it is.

Post your entries as a top level comment only, any top level comment that is not a logo entry will be removed. Vote by using the upvote/downvote buttons. We will select 5 of the top voted logos and have a further vote and select one from those.


This will run for one week. Good luck everyone!

Tough decisions...

Ima let everything on my mind slip

Too felt atm

It really do be like that

This is what we call a “roll on” in Trinidad & Tobago. A joint is rolled at the end of a cigg. Once the weed has been smoked out, the cigg is then called a “funk”.

Start a new job today lol

When you're high but not as high as your friend


I can relate so much to this its scary.

Does anyone else relate, I had a nice sesh during that time☺️

Oh boy 3 AM

Weed has been super cheap and plentiful the past few months and i forgot kief was a thing.

It was me, I was that friend.

You wish you smoked like me 😤

Decided to go back to the old stompin grounds for the weekend

She grew a lot in just one day. couldnt help myself, i had to post.

Joint my buddy rolled for me as a birthday gift

A clear one!

How it feels

After smoking a joint while walking the dog through the woods, I'm back in bed to eat a special brownie and have some iced coffee. I swear marijuana is the only thing keeping my chin up while I try to find a job in a pandemic (laid off because of the virus).

(Aurora F1 X Bubblicious)- 2 Month Cure, Grown by me :)

Ever had this happen to you too?

Blue gelato uk 🔥🇬🇧

Everything reminds me of her

Daily morning view for my weed session

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