What is the cannabis situation in Munich?

Hello, it’s my first post here and I apologize if I am breaking any rules by asking..I really don’t mean to. Anyway, I will be visiting Munich in November and I was wondering what is the cannabis situation there. Like is it legal or are there dispensaries or “coffeeshops”? If it’s accessible what is the average price per G? I am visiting for a medical reason and I’ll be required to quarantine for two weeks before I can get out..so I was hoping that at least I can have few blunts to keep me company while quarantining. Please accept my apologies for writing in English as I don’t speak German. Thanks :)
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Moin Leute das Zeug ist nicht von meiner gewöhnlichen Quelle und ich bin recht Skeptisch was neues Zeug betrifft. Sieht das für euch 'Normal' aus?

Die Bundestags Debatte zur Entkriminalisierung und zur Neuregelung von Cannabis und Führerschein startet jeden Moment.
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What is the cannabis situation in Munich?

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munich is the worst place in germany for weed

Lived in Bavaria for a while and can confirm. Be careful what you smoke! I kept buying shitty hash with paperclips molten in for weight, because I was relatively sure it was at least actual hash. Ahh memories.

I feel you

Listen to me, munich is a police state! I'm serious, there is way more undercover police than you would think. So you have to smoke indoors and don't walk around with your stuff

Bavarians are complete lunatic when it comes to weed. There is some pseudo-religious shit going on regarding cannabis that can be considered hysteric.

Maybe it is related to inbreeding or too much alcohol consumption (in general and in pregnancy), who knows.

I avoid going to Bavaria altogether and especially would not bring weed.

Augsburg is probably the best place for weed in bavaria, the cops dont care that much as well over there

Also be careful to never buy or have in your possession more than 6 grams in Bavaria.
You still have some trouble if they catch you with less but I won’t go to court

But finding a good dealer or any at all should be almost impossible for you on short term with no connections

IMO your best and maybe only chance to get good weed in your circumstance is to order it through the dark web markets

Good luck

Had to go to court for .7 g and was punished...

Edit: and yes, it was my first offense. Probably something about me not being German.

Munich is the worst. Generally weed is illegal in Germany but its easy to get elsewhere. I never was in munich but I heard they are really strict when it comes to weed

Just don't do it. If you really have to, use darknet.

Brooo if you're gonna ask such questions at least do some basic research. Cannabis is still highly illegal and fought against in Germany, and out of all places in the country, Bavaria, especially Munich, is by far the worst.

Even having 0.1g on you could land you a few nights in jail or a couple hundred TO thousand € fine, depending on your previous crimes. Tourists/foreigners might be let off with a slap on the wrist, but only if the cops are having a real great day. (double chance if you don't look southern/eastern)

Weed can definitely be bought if you ask around (like everywhere on earth), but you should be very very careful.

Bavaria is a state full of alcoholics, so go figure. Basically the Texas of Germany if that gives you some insight.

NRW is probably the best state for smoking weed in Germany.

That's a little over the top though. Munich is a bad place for weed but there is neither hundred thousand€ fines nor jail for possession of 0.1g

Hundred to thousand € not hundred thousand lmao. A friend of mine had to pay ~1200€ for a few Krümel in his grinder.

This happens literally daily in Bavaria dude.

Ah ok, I misread the hundred-thousand euro part

Yeah I wrote it pretty dumb, updated it now.

Literally all of my comment is the straight up reality, but I know how delusional most Germans are so of course I'm downvoted :D

And to add, the few nights in jail only happen if you are not willing to pay the huge ass fine, which I don't think anyone is really willing to.

So yes it’s illegal and cops will sometimes fuck around but if you just have a couple grams it shouldn’t be that big of a problem, like you won’t get in jail for that but maybe have to pay something. There is something called kokstaxi that also exists for weed in Munich so you could get it delivered, just look on Craigslist for these ads under “couch” or something. Wont be best quality every time but good luck!

Munich/Bavaria is the worst place for buying weed in germany. But it‘s not horrible. I‘d say it‘s the place in germany where weed has the least acceptance among people and the highest penalties if caught by the police. However it‘s also one of the biggest city in germany, so you shouldnt run into any problems if you are careful.