Cannabidiol (CBD) and Health | Pharmacology

In this video, Dr Mike summarises the current evidence regarding the use of CBD for various health conditions.

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What about liver damage? Some evidence points to liver damage ...I got this from this youtube channel, Please clarify.

most research is never done for cbd cause big pharma would not make any money from a natural plant they can not patent so they never do any reseach.

With the camera setting on this angle I feel like I am more focusing on his two tits (.) (.) 😂

Thank you so much for this. Will you do one for THC next please. ✨

I thought for cancer it stops the spread?

I was a skeptic of CBD until I tried it and it hit me like a brick hitting a pillow. I was instantly so relaxed and able to chill out. I had no idea made such an obvious impact on my body.

Honestly, I was expecting you'd explain CBD's specific pharmacodynamics and how it could potentially modulate these effects.

Cannibis and cacao are the only two plant foods in this world that are
known to contain cannibiniods. Where is all of the research on the ones
that are found in cacao?