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No side effects it fixed my issues.

My name is Sonia Edward am from Florida USA, I want to thank Rick Simpson and the entire management of Rick Simpson Hemp Oil Service for their life saving cannabis oil that cured my Husband thyroid cancer,the doctor told us there was little he could since despite all the chemo and radiation,he wasn’t responding to treatment.
A friend of mine Becky came to our rescue by ordering this cannabis oil from Rick Simpson Medicals Services which he said Rick has been helping patients fight against cancer of various types so we decided to give it a try,so far my husband is responding to treatment and he is gaining his life back free from Cancer and presently he can walk around the house all by himself. i felt it’s necessary i let others especially those suffering from this acute disease that once you have a good cannabis oil directly from Rick Simpson,it can really help you in curing your cancer/HIV and give you life again.if please don’t die in silent there is a cure today contact Rick via


CONTACT NUMBER :  +1 215 660 7434

After 45 years of cannabis, I believe it does cause me to be a, mellow, fellow.
But I tend to like the psychedelic effects, it tends to have on one...

Industrial Hemp Farms has a Huge selection of Hemp and CBD products at Competitive retail and wholesale prices

It take 3/4 weeks to see results a week isn't long enough

Steps to Living Healthy

Eat healthy
If not exercise at least walk for 30 mins a day
drink lots of water daily
take fish oil pill daily
take multivitamins daily
take zinc daily
take cbd oil daily (30 mins before bed)

I love it!!! I really like the oil, but I still enjoy smoking it just like regular weed. I get mine from these guys in NYC

Well. There goes my hope of using CBD.

This gay guy really thinks that listening to Lion King "relaxes" you. Get a life!

I get mine from my dailychoice, they also have a 60day money-back guarantee and their CBD oil is 3rd party tested. Order the legit CBD oil here

⚠️ Hello my dear Science Insider viewer ⚠️
Perhaps it has come to your attention, a very IMPORTANT petition is currently underway. The EU wants to ban #CBD! Please sign the petition on #cbdlegal #cbdisfood
This goes to 😢AFFECT ALL OF US 😢Whoever uses CBD, will soon no longer be allowed to do so without a prescription - whoever does not use it - will still be charged by the health insurance companies. If it becomes a “prescription only” drug, it will be very expensive!
Please include this in your blogs, newsletters and write social posts about it, or help the campaign financially! ⬇️
"Affected are those who produce, distribute or want to BUY CBD, CBD-oil or hemp extracts, because now it is now illegal in food products all over Europe and in the individual countries the companies that are affected are punished with partially high penalties.

I have some amazing stuff

Boy , you really shit all over the scientific method

Dude swigged it , I take a drop

You don't "have anxiety" you're just gay and soft.

Seven days is not even close to enough data. Not even close. Three months minimum and even then still....not enough data. Not even close.

You can’t have much of anxiety because you are doing so many different things through out the day. You live in busy place, there’s too much stimulus. Who wouldn’t have anxiety there! I huge crowds 😬

stop drinking take calcium and pothasium magnezium and anxiety goes also dont mix cbd with alcohool

1 week isn't enough

Listen to my interview on Youtube, "Is CBD being suppressed"!! Hear how severe my adult children are and to the MIRACULOUS results that CBD has provided them!!! Again ive done the homework because i want my children to have the best....not 2nd best!!!! PEACE!!

CBD is great but kratom is the one you are searching for! For anxiety, lack of energy and focus kratom is number one! But not just any kratom, the original wild grown one is totally different than all those farmed ones. Here in Indonesia is one local project called Borneo Energy that sources only the wild grown kratom (and Tongkat Ali) in a nature-friendly ways, because kratom farming is also now becoming problematic because it destroys some areas of the rainforests in Borneo, we should be supporting something that helps to preserve the nature. Websites can be found on

Ironic that the price would also cause anxiety

I suffer from. Anxiety and me. Started recently it helping me espcially. Helps me to sleep..

My the mayonnaise

Anxiety is an addiction 🤦

cbd is only good if myou smoke high cbd bud, helps but better with some thc bud

My son had to try several different seizure meds for increasing numbers of seizures a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, he experienced just about EVERY side effect associated with the medicine OR the seizures. We tried CBD in addition to see if it would help his seizures and found that, actually, it helped reduce the terrible side effects from the drugs that he was experiencing! We finally found a medicine that reduced his seizures and he only uses CBD occasionally now. I do think that if we had pressed it, we could've found the correct strain and dose to stop his seizures, but we didn't have the money and at least insurance would cover his medication. In addition, we found that CBD did help his anxiety as well as my husband's anxiety. So good luck! I hope you find relief 😉

dude just smoke a joint lol cut the bs

Ive been having an extremely hard weekend with crippling anxiety, I remember I had some cbd capsules in my room took 12mg and it calmed me right down. I'm also 330 lbs.

Nope. I’ve tried them. Nothing

There’s a sucker born every minute

0:03 tht oil look potent bro. u sure thts just cbd?

Cbd from the cannabis plant works amazingly! Hemp cbd is useless

I'll save you some time. Alcohol is one of the most effective anxiety reducers. It crosses the blood brain barrier most effectively and is the easiest to abuse, but the least side effects. If you can control yourself and prevent dependency, a glass of wine a night will relieve your short term anxiety better than Xanax or Ativan

Duuuude if you stop talking like an ironic, passive-aggressive weasel I bet you'll feel less anxiety. I mean it. You sound so weak.

"Science" insider conducts a experiment with 1 person

Search cannabanoid hyperemesis syndrome. Cannabanoid can actually kill people. I have chs

I hate when people stick droppers all the way into their mouths 🙃 so much bacteria adding up.

1st off, he used alcohol on 2nd day. And enough to claim hangover symptoms. Ugh! Then still made his video. At least he admitted it. Anyway, I know he is correct about 1 thing. Taking it under tongue, especially if it is nano CBD, is effective due to capillaries.

There are god CBD companies and bad you would have to take quite a few too make your claim viable.

Fun fact if you are a smoker and you don’t wanna get high anymore but find that you can’t stop smoking THC. Simple buy a bowl and cbd flower give it a choice becuase it will stop the thc cravings and the uncomfortable feeling won’t happen.😁

That shit is robbery doesnt do anything

All I needed to hear was this dudes voice and the music and I new this video would be worthless...

It does something?? I tried some once because I had a pretty bad headache. Tbh,4 generic aspirin worked better. I used some on my elbow joint,I just had a mild strain. I don't think it did much to make it better. I think it depends on the person. My mom gave it to me and she swears by it. She uses it for mild arthritis. I guess it just doesn't work good on me. But you won't know if it does or not unless you try it. Hopefully it does,cuz that stuff is expensive.

Try valerian. Research it well first and ask a Dr but it's been studied against Xanax.


Delta 8

At the prices the state controlled outlets are selling any/all marajuana products for, there's no way its going to cut down street sales/usage at all. State outlets are just way way too expensive
that even the elderly who'll be the group that needs/uses it the most for medical purposes simply can't afford the state outlets and even they too will turn to the streets for pain relief simply
based on the vast cost difference. Its very obvious states are truly not in it to "help" people medically, the state's sole purpose is a very high profit margin and control. Neither of which they
will fully accomplish until they reduce pricing to within a reasonable amount or people will simply continue to go to the streets. So overall, all the states are doing is enhancing street sales
even more so before they legalized it for either or both medicinal and/or recreational use..

CBD is good i heard i never tried only weed is good

CBD is weird, it's like a background effect. You don't really notice it until you have to do something stressful adn then you notice, you're just a bit more chilled and less fearful.
I think it would help alongside lifestyle and therapy not just on it's own. It also combines well with caffiene to balance out the lethargic effects.

CBD works by waking up your endocanibinoid system so your body regulates itself. Look up endocanibiniod system if you really want to know what it does

I use CBD PEAK ZEN BRAND I took it at 8 pm just to sleep I had anxiety I use alprozolam that night I took the CBD I thought I qould finally get help I couldn’t sleep all night at 3 am I had itching all over my body I use 250 mg capsules I had tingling on both feet very scary , I thought my back pain leg pain and insomnia would go away . But I was wrong good luck to those who got help

Get a magical butter machine and make your own. I buy hemp for 30 bucks a pound and use 1 oz to make the tincture. Really strong oil for a fraction of the price you pay at the store.

CBD is an amazing thing, beats side effects of pills attacking your liver, kidneys, and pancreas, I've used it for 3 years now and I wouldn't change anything.

Did CBD Cure you from being a Homosexual ?

Have you ever heard of cbd crystals? This site has them. I guess the new thing. What do you think of this???

This dude has a track record of being biased against anything natural. He pushes for all things pharmaceutical

Thank goodness


I really wish CBD products would not require prescriptions.. Ever since I migrated I've been depending on for my supply, I need to recommend!

Was this CBD with THC ?

Do you feel it when you take a Vitamin C..... Same thing with CBD.

It's great ,I love my isolate 👌

One dropper before bed is all you really need. It stays In your system for awhile. One bottle lasts six weeks for me. I spend $650/yr now. Works amazing. I'm off all my prescription meds--including xanax and gabapentine--and I used to take an aleve every day, but off that too. I sleep better than ever at night.

I'm no expert, but 1 week seems like a shallow experiment to gather data from.

what ist eh cheapest cbd brand in UK

a 28.00 order to Plain Jane Hemp will score you an ounce of small buds, and it works better than the oil, and it's fun to smoke it as well!

Am Mirembe Annet am a Ugandan and am diabetic am experiencing general body pain and feel so much joint pain am in bad condition. Were can i get cbd and how much does it cost? Please help me.Thanks.

the main word in this movie is "might"

Just watching this makes me forget about my anxiety 😍😍

I notice that CBD by itself doesn't do much for me. When combined with some excercise, listening to music, laughing with friends, or on my own with some stand-up comedy, it really makes me feel great. U might think those things on their own will make you feel great, however I have noticed that the Serotonin boost I get from those things after taking CBD is alot more pronounced. Notice the guy in the story said he felt good after taking CBD and listening to the Lion King Soundtrack. I have alot of faith in this medicine. If you have a serious condition like diagnosed anxiety or epilepsy some CBD merchants online offer deep discounts. I get mine 60% off. I won't mention where so people don't think this is an ad.

but does it become an addiction if you take too much :/

When taken Under the tongue only ab 14% is actually bio avalible. Smoking it is alot higher with somewhere between 25-30%

Haha weed fucks up the very things you are trying to treat. All those fancy oils are nothing different. A little more than snake oil, because it creates depression, anxiety and disturbed sleep. Believe who you want I know whats up. Stay in the real life.

Why is this age restricted?? It sure has helped me though..

Here is some help...........keep that meat out of your butt............

I get great CBD for 60 if you would like some

Jesus saves

Stoned boy.

Natures Nutrients CBD is the real deal folks!!! I've done the homework!!!!

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Ill add to that 8 minutes. The REASON we dont know is, there are thousands of strains of the hemp plant so some will work for some things and not others. CBD in one strain may have a dramatic effect on arthritis while having none at all from another. So, find the quality providers and try the products until you find your formula and strain that works for you.

250mg ???????? Of CBD ? Really......
I have never ever heard of these types of doses. I take one 25mg full spectrum capsule and its more than enough. 250mg cant be right......that dose would induce anxiety rather than reduce it.

Starts off with 250mg a day? No wonder your always tired lol

I bought a 30 ml tincture with 500 mg of CBD for $50 and they told me 1 ml a day. WTF! This guy is taking $25 of CBD a day. smdh

Please see a Medical Doctor/Psychiatrist about your anxiety if you haven't already.
These people just want your money.

I got a + urine test for marijuana while using CBD oil.
Some jobs will fire you.

Wait until you fail a drug test and lose your job over it.

Considering that insomnia I experienced was not really serious, therefore I did not take it .
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take care

I experienced severe sleep problems for two years and thought I was hopeless, nevertheless making use of this sleeping solution, I`m sleeping normally all over again and also ENJOY sleeping. You must not overlook using this sleep strategy or treatment program. In the beginning, I found this program to be unrealistic nevertheless I used it anyway. There’s no harm trying it anyhow. I got this tip on Google.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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i use to think this meant high end cbd but nah basic cbd is $60 this is just a more % of cbd

100 percent in your mind if you spend money and think it will work billion dollar snake oil scam stick with normal canibus

I experienced hopeless for two years. I thought that my insomnia will be never be healed. I acquired this sleep program from the psychological behavioral therapist. It help me understand science the way we sleep at night. I`m at this point sleeping comfortably again each night. I really like resting in the bed once again.. I got this tip on Google.. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
take care

They tricked you good.......

sounds like this guy was taking some low-quality CBD...take full spectrum instead of broad-spectrum CBD next time.

CBD Byte has the best Broad Spectrum CBD i've ever tried.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong! Calming epileptic seizure episodes is only achieved by oil produced by the psychoactive form of the marijuana plant. Don't listen to this bs. Simply view the evidence.