SCAM or SCIENCE? The Truth About CBD Products

CBD oil and all things CBD are taking the nation by storm and have also found their way into pro sports including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Along with medical marijuana, a lot of athletes are advocating for more use of these products.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series where I examine the intersection of CBD and sports. In this first video we'll review the science behind CBD and whether or not it's just big money making scam.

DISCLAIMER: Content not intended to be taken as medical advice. Opinions are my own and do not represent those of my employer. I have not personally treated or evaluated the individual(s) discussed in this video. Content used with educational and transformative intent within Fair Use Guidelines
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What do you think? Scam or science?

This guy calls himself a doctor, yet does not know a thing....there's plenty of proof out there and yet this science nerd is talking about scientific studies...

Some days back I fell into the trap of a scammer in buying cannabis online and I lost $9400,that had me frustrated then I told a colleague at work and she told me she was also scammed $15000 but got it back with the help of hacksting on IG with just a little fee. She gave me his email address and I sent an email, he asked me a few questions and also proof of scam then after 24hrs he got my money recovered and the scammer tracked.Thanks to hacksting
You can email him for

I think it was the governments way of regulating thc.. getting hemp and crossing all the cbd and high thc strains to lower the chances of being high so thats why the market today is so tainted with cbd before thc was the only thing people were thinking before they even started speaking about cbd and it turned to a trend ..

I have too many friends who swear by it.

CBD isn't shit, anyone who uses it is a pussy. Its all placebo effect, if you want stress and pain relief just sit down, and smoke a little blunt.

Not a Dr but I will say it helps me

Curious what the ingredients are in your CBD

I know one thing theses know nothing do nothingers because I came into my adult life at 5'113/4" know I'm 5'9" even with bulging disc's in my lower back pain from my right hip to the tips of my toes as well as my outer shin area and was given 700 mg vicodin and it began to manifest more pain so I would use more vicodin. Quit cold Turkey got on Keaton red Bali along with a full spectrum CBD CBG CBC WITH 00.3 % THC and have never felt better back in the gym work loving my CBD my skin looks ten years younger never have to moisturize at all so take it from a working class guy whit an Associates degree in mechanics who works as a Heating and cooling technician I know nothing about how it works and I could care less it comes from god not a pharmacy.

It truly does nothing!!

CBD is really amazing but for anxiety, energy, pain management and stress kratom is even better!
I have tried every kind of kratom here in Indonesia and there is no question about it that the original wildly grown one is every way better than those farmed one´s and basically every kratom in the market is farmed one. Here is one local project called Borneo Energy that is sourcing only this wild grown kratom (and Tongkat Ali). It makes more work compared to harvesting it from the farms but this is more nature-friendly, because kratom farming is destroying some areas from the important rainforests. So with all reasons I recommend this one, can find it from

Any study claiming that THC or CBD doesn't lead to better sleep is straight nonsense, lol.

A scam as far as I'm concerned, had no effect and was expensive, but might work for others, I am used to strong medication but I felt no effect from it at all, or maybe the health food one isn't strong enough, $140 waste of money but try it for yourself we're all different!

I buy CBD from shopee...i don't know it's real or fake😅😅😅CBD from China. The colour of oil is white just like essential oils 😁 hope it's real CBD oil 😁

Payed off by big pharma.

I first tried it by accident.. my husband had small accident on his quad. A friend of his gave him a tiny little jar of cream similar to icy hot. I massaged him with this stuff gave him a pain reliever pill washed my hands & went about my business.. suddenly I was overly sleepy. I went to bed woke up the next morning feeling awesome the best sleep I’ve had in years. I’ve been diagnosed with depression anxiety and ptsd. I have horrible sleeping patterns mostly I just don’t sleep sometimes I sleep too much but I never feel rested and recharged when I wake up. Anyway I didn’t find out until days later what was in the icy hot cream. He tells me it has weed I look at see it’s actually something called cbd.. now I’m on a mission to find that same manufacturer because not all products that I’ve tried are the same quality

Need Help Deciding which CBD Is Right for You?
Need Help Deciding which CBD Is Right for You?

ur argument is based on what fda said is totally flawed

CBD HAS HEALED ME. This video is long winded on talking about it. If you want to know whether it works, ask people who takes it. There is science, and it is those use it. Your video seems keep trying to devalue CBD, which is BS. you keep trying to going back to claim of companies that are crooks and is trying to push those pill pharmacies give. IT WORKS. PERIOD. we have no proper doses of how much water we should drink yet we all rush to believe we need 8 glasses of water. my health conditions:
Cluster migranes, Anxiety,Stress triggering nail biting, Insomnia, Brain fog, Memory problems

I just bought a small bottle of oil for $140 aust. can't feel anything, I think Brian is right, bit early to decide but I just thought i would try it, this one is supposed to be the strongest overcounter in Australia 375mg per millilitre, I wanted to use instead of diazapam but I'm sceptical that it will be anywhere near as effective as good old mothers little helper!

what is the cheapest high concentration ( 1500mg ) cbd oil 30 ml brand ?

CBD is unregulated, its free for all, you dont know whether you are getting a REAL CBD. I was taking CBD gummies and cream for 3 months and I had withdrawal! Not sure whether I got the synthetic CBD since it is so unregulated but I was getting a lot of bad effects WHEN I WAS taking it. I became sensitive to noise, high pitch sounds, my left ear would make a knocking sound after being exposed to loud noises. I got rashes on my LEFT hand as well and some pain developing on xiphoid process area (middle part just above your stomach). Last week, I stopped taking CBD edibles and for 3 days I got an EXTREME case of insomnia. I wasnt able to sleep for 2 days straight and on 3rd day I would sleep only for 3hrs and wont stay asleep. My brain became so noisy. I get nervous for no reason, my heart would beat so fast! A week into this -- the rashes are going away, the unknown pain above my stomach is also gone, I am still sensitive to sounds and my left ears still knock once in a while, but my BRAIN still is noisy. Terrifying shit, I know I may be a RARE case as CBD seems to be the holy grail for all -- but not with my experience. Won't take it again. I went to ENT and no hearing loss, nothing out of normal, not even a wax or fluid. Told me, whatever I took, to stop taking it and wait for a month.

I honestly think it’s the biggest load of bullshit since that weird Steve jobs looking woman who made that finger prick blood test.

Always excited to see real science helping to dilute the superstition, magical thinking and medical quackery so common on YouTube

All the market claim is scam because it has no sound scientific evidence. Nothing against people who smoke weed or use CBD. I also agree with CBD helping managing the symptoms of seizures. However, all these CBD companies claim that says it improves athletic performance is pure BS

Thanks for making a video about the potential dangers of pseudoscience and the legal landscape

10 years down the road is extremely pessimistic. At the rate which synthetic drugs are approved by the FDA and other authorities, I think we can do better than that with a natural alternative. Let’s test it, approve it, save lives.

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Litteraly no evidence to show that CBD does anything. It still needs years of research to discover what it does.

For now. It's just a scam and the people that buy it, just hear stories about it helping bone problems. Or the idiots that think it will make you high.

Well if you want to be safe you can stick to the prescribed medication given to you by your doctor which over time will turn you into a chemically induced lobotomite or cripple?

I have fibromyalgia. It didn’t work for me

Not sure. On the one hand people say it works, but I can’t be sure it’s not another “flavor of the month” like echinacea or St. John’s Wort. I’m afraid it will turn out to be an expensive placebo.

I've always wondered if cbd really worked. But I do know thc works for sure though lol

in japan where can buy cbd

After 30 years research on the Wagening University the average dosage is with only pure cbd 4% around 3x3 drops in Hempseed or MCT oil. Increasing the dosage will make the work stronger but do not overdose as well, no need for that For the ones who want it we have a leaflet with proper instructions.

Your better off sniffing a sharpy marker before tryin to feel better off CBD


I have used CBD and found I get NO pain relief and it made no difference to my general health.

CBD totally quiets my mind before sleep...

Everybody : We don’t know

My brain 🧠: How soon is your next dose?

My personal experience and opinion. I was a long time smoker of marijuana and grower in my college days. Ive been clean for almost 20 years. I recently tried CBD and believe its pure snake oil. My belief is this, the people taking CBD and claiming chronic pain relief are taking somewhere between 300-600mg in pill form as stated by the doctor in this video. The CBD oils you see in supermarkets across the country most commonly come in 30ml bottles and range from 800mg - 2500mg CBD. A full dropper dosage is about 1ml, so 1 dose is about 50mg CBD to 80mg CBD at the top end. No where near what is considered effective (300-600mg). So it begs the question, when we start getting into these very high volume amounts of CBD to be effective, is it even the CBD that is affecting these people or is it trace amounts of THC?

My personal experience is it didn't work. A friend recommended it for my pain issues. I bought one at Vitamin Shoppe for $30. Took it as directed. While it did relax me a little bit, I saw no pain relief. Kratom on the other hand did everything promised by CBD and helped my pain. Again, this is just my experience with the stuff.

Its cannabis not marijuana Dr dumb ass..

Look up Richard Simpson that is the real thing he shows you how to make it. Cbd oil it really works, it is real, the one in vitamin stores and health stores are fake it don't work. Richard Simpson oil works it is trulook it up

Low Cost CBD from National Brands

You look stressed. You should try some CBD.

It changed my life as I'm pain free

Then just when I thought the scam artists couldnt get any worse there is a snake oil salesman in the comment section actually advertising his cbd snake oil website here..... this shit is like a parody at this point.

I love how on every video that revolves around this bizarre form of snake oil there is always some guy recommending the high price garbage “yea bro it does xyz or z you just have to spend out the ass” yea ok guy who invests in cbd or works for the scam snake oil companies that sell this shit. I’ve been smoking this shit for years it doesnt cure anxiety i take benzos for that. This oil wont really do shit unless you have “anxiety” as in “hey man im really worried about taking this test omg so stressed...” which is just typical kid bullshit. If you have a real anxiety disorder as in you start to develop physical symptoms like you cant breathe and your body gets stiff as a board among other horrifying shit this snake oil wont do anything for you. There is a reason this garbage is sold at gas stations in the retard section where the porno magazines vape cartridges and sex pills.

Scam. Another BS unregulated supplement. Probably olive oil.

Snake oil yesterday snake oil today

Graet CBD product that work...

I tried a 25mg CBD cream on my gout toe joint for 3 days, and it did not stop the pain. However, it did relieve my muscle pain in my shoulder on one application.

Get your CBDs here guys

All CBD are not created equal. This is the real issue. And how does one know which is which? I have been googling and researching all over the damn internet about CBD and other Hemp-related products. How does one know what's GOOD and what's just overpriced average stuff? Price can't be the only factor. I mean, seriously. How do you know which company to go with? All of these companies make grand claims and statements. SO many out there. Sighhhhhh...

100% scam. Only religious people will fall for it...because they obviously believe anything.

So.. smokers vape it. The rest of us rub it in our elbows?

If CBD really works then why didn't the black market ever sell it. Know why, its a tax scam. Why don't we pay taxes on prescription medications yet we are taxed on CBD oil and marijuana. Come on people WAKE UP!

Total scam. I've tried it all from gas station CBD, to the high end online products. It's doesn't do shit!. If you're looking for more products like CBD. Comment your vemno handle. I'll send you a money request. Pay the request and wait for further instructions.

I’m 51, an avid 6mi day runner and I started taking 1500mg CBD oil once a day for inflammation. I definitely sleep better and sore muscle recovery is faster.

Almost every CBD product on the market today is 100% SCAM. It really is amazing how most people will fall for anything or trust anything even when it comes to ingesting things into their own bodies. Do some research people and you'll find out for yourself....

As a very low sight person I know it helps my eyesight!! Thanks for the info

scam. CBD did nothing for me. disappointment.

So uhh... I'm sorry in advance...

Cannabinoids. Doot doooo, d doo doo. 🙂

Scam. I tried CBD, it didnt do anything. I agree with video.

CBD/Hemp Extract is anti- inflammation, and relieves pain. H3 Infusion Hemp Extract is water soluble, available on Amazon, eBay.

Look up Cannabis Oil Protocol in practice l Cannafest 2015 there are many testamonies as a cure for Cancers CBD Helps a lot but the true cure is High THC Grow your own look up Rick Simpson Oil on how to produce your own medicine it is life changing Lots of evidence and medical testamonies please look it up you will not be disappointed

the only scam is the outrageous prices companies are charging for cbd is good for a lot of ailments but should be much cheaper.

This video is b's. There is years and years of study and imfo. There is mass info.

Its a scam, cbd has never worked for me.

CBD with out a doubt helps with anxiety lol I buy CBD oil and it totally stop the anxious feeling in my tummy


The only way I have found to take CBD is vaping a high CBD strain. Your lungs take it in immediately. I suffer from severe chronic pain from surgeries and it's a miracle. It's immediate and last for hours. Also, I have given it to friends who suffer from many pain conditions and it's 100% pan relief. I grow my own Harlequin organically. It's a miracle plant. And not a placebo. Personally, I have never had any benefit from extracts or creams. Grow your own Harlequin. It will change your life.

CBD isolate is a thing.. but isnt that effective..
Full spectrum cannabinoids is what you want.. combined with terepenes...

I use CTFO, it comes in different strengths. People are different, just try it and see if it helps.

Leave CBD alone ya clickbait scam artist everyone who has used it knows fine well it works we dont need your guesswork or your lies thanks.

Reminds me of past miracle cure scams..same characteristics-first, no scientific studies, second, uncorroborated accounts of miracle cures, third: big marketing hype, ads on TV, Finally-the crash-you see this stuff at discount stores.

The only thing that is a scam is this youtube channel

We should allow all big pharma to have first rights to investigate the benefits in the best interests of the consumer. In the meantime, caution the public

CBD definitely helps against my cronic back in Germany they made it more difficult to get detailed information..on Amazon sellers aren't even allowed anymore to use the word CBD in their description..if you want medical cannabis from your doctor you have to try out all available alternatives 1st before he can write a prescription ..but at least medical cannabis is legal around 65 miles away from the Netherlands and there the buy and sell of small amounts is tolerated since the 70s.

Oh I remember practicing while brainwashed. When I could prescribe Marinol but couldn't suggest nature I knew something was WAY off. No money in cures & ya can't patent Nature (but you CAN patent intellectual property as it PERTAINS to Nature.)

I really wish EVERYONE would evaluate things with the same clinical and sensable logic you exhibit in your videos like this one. Honest, logical, and scientific data-driven opinions based on actual research is really what people are lacking these days. The internet has become a tinderbox of conspiracy, hoax, and illogical bias towards every type of thing, and the ability to sway popular opinion based on garbage speculation or lies is at an all-time high in the history of mankind. It's truly an explosion of such things on a level of magnitude that we will never fully comprehend until decades later when younger generations look back at this time in history and study it for real. This is a pivotal time in human history we are living in, and we don't even understand the scope of it yet.

Take BeGood Advanced Micronutrient Drops. That's all you need.


According to Joe fucking Rogan "the best dose of CBD is 10mg CBD to 10 mg of THC." 😂

Scam. There is jack shit about it. It doesn't do anything

Always "CONSIDER THE SOURCE" when reading these "OMG TESTIMONIALS". I've tried HEMP OIL, CBD and THC just to see what all the noise was about. From my experience, all are something to SELL, not buy. There are many "natural" herbal supplements available to you, don't waste your money on this CBD scam.

I have some that didn’t work but I have some I vaped definitely helped my Back. So I think it’s the amount of ect. Can make ya sleepy

More studies need to be done for sure, of course the studies have been held back by the government. One thing is for sure though CBD's help with many things, there is just too much evidence out there that it has helped many people with a wide variety of ailments.

The REAL SCAM is EVERYTHING the fda tells you about what's good for you.

if it's completely natural it should be allowed if nature produces it the Nature's inhabitants should be free to use it

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The Re-Discovery of the Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis - Dr. John Hicks
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Dr. Stuart Titus on CBD and Lyme Disease

CBD stopping Lyme seizure

I hate it when people run their mouths and not know what they are talking about

CBD helped me get off all painkillers I had taken for over 20 years. I know it works

I dont need some guy to spend $100,000,000 on some 'research' to tell me it might work. I KNOW it works. Has kept me sane for 40 years. I had major psychological trauma when I was a child. I was withdrawn and scared to death of most people until I was 12 or 13. My only friend at the time smoked a joint with me. It was like being lost in a blizzard for years and suddenly finding a warm cabin. Within a few months I had several friends and joined the by scouts. Cannabis saved my life.

your an idiot and only give knowledge from main stream sources. You have no idea what CBD does for humans ass wipe!

idk bout cbd but i get oil drops or edibles always get them with thc so i can get the calming and appetite effects